About - James Lomax

I'm James Lomax and this is where you can buy my photographs. I've been walking and photographing for over thirty years. I started in the Lake District, a beautiful part of England, and continued with Snowdonia, the Alps, Scotland, the Pyrenees, Peak District and Corsica. I also enjoy parks, nature reserves, and modest areas like the South Downs.

I don't classify myself as a commercial photographer which means I don't walk, camp and photograph with sales in mind. I walk because I love to do so and photography is part of it. I've undertaken six backpacking trips across the Pyrenees, one in Corsica and multi day walks countless times in Britain. I add new work here continually.

This is what makes me different. What you see here are photographs of hill and mountain walking, lakes, valleys and landscape, which I enjoy with a camera or without. But I always have a camera and I'm always looking for composition, light, drama, beauty.

I have three university degrees one of which is an MA in Photography. I've taught photography privately and in Further and Adult Education. Some of my catalogue is taken with a Canon 5D with L series lenses. For the last three years I've been using a Sony A7R with Canon L and Sony Zeiss lenses.

I've uploaded over 1200 photographs to start with. Some of the current titles are not titles as such, but file names I used on my computer. I will eventually give each image an explanatory or fitting name. 

I learned photography at school, many years ago, with black and white film and darkroom processing. Digital technology has transformed the practice but not, in my view, the aesthetic ideas of photography.

Enjoy my photographs as I enjoy these places. I'm making them available in a large selection of sizes on paper, canvas and framed to suit large office, small bedroom, corporate venue, above a fireplace, or wherever else you want to see the beautiful outdoors. They're also available for editorial use as licensed digital files.

Copyright: all rights reserved according to UK and international law. 

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