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It’s occurred to me, with over 1,200 photographs in my catalogue, people may like to design their own calendar. I’ve made a Lake District calendar which is selling quite well. I’ll be offering one for Wales, Scotland, and the Peak District. I have a good photographic eye, but which photographs you like is ultimately subjective.

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Here then is a new service. I have galleries for the Peak District, Snowdonia, Lake District, Pyrenees, Alps, South Downs, Mersey Valley, Corsica, Kent, Scotland and the Swiss Alps. In reality, I have so many photographs it’s impossible trying to decide on twelve for a calendar unless you do it yourself.

You might love the Lake District, Peak District, Scotland, Mersey Valley or Wales and you want a calendar for one of those places. You might love the Pyrenees, Alps or Corsica, and I have hundreds of photographs for those too. Or you might love mountains and the outdoors with no particular place in mind, and are drawn to a beautiful shot wherever it’s from.

You may have a husband, wife, partner, friend or colleague whose passion it is to walk outdoors and you want a gift for them. It takes extra effort for me to customise a calendar but I don’t mind that. If it means you get what you want – from over 1,200 outdoor photographs – that makes me happy.

If it’s a gift for someone else you could select the twelve yourself or part of the fun might be giving them the opportunity. Once you’ve made the selection, send me an e mail and I’ll do the rest.

Allow a few days for me to respond, then it’s in the hands of Lulu in regard to their processing and shipping. I don’t control that and Christmas is by far their busiest time, busier the close to it you get, so bear that in mind. I hope you enjoy my photographs.

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