Editorial - James Lomax

In addition to prints my catalogue is available for editorial use. That means books, magazines, newspapers and any outlet where you need the kind of images I supply. At the moment I have over 1,200 photographs. I'm compiling galleries here based on the seasons which is partly how magazines operate. 

I am happy to accept standard fees as used by reputable publishers. In the UK that means for example Trail magazine, The Great Outdoors, Country Walking and Cicerone. Alternately, and for others, I can advise on my fees and terms of use.

You may find what you need in my print galleries which are also available for editorial use. Or you may prefer to search according to British seasons. My Pyrenees and Corsica galleries are summer shots although in the mountains, and in Britain too, you can have any seasonal conditions at any time of year. My Alps gallery is autumnal but looks, as the Alps do, like winter.

You may find these galleries useful for prints if you're looking for seasonal images. In practice, the most distinctively seasonal shots are those of autumn and winter. Digital files for your publication are available for private download. Display images (what you see) are low resolution.

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